We are thrilled to commemorate the remarkable of 5 years of partnership with two esteemed clients, Bonair and Super Air. 🎉

At SAFEJETS, we are honored to have shared an incredible journey with Bonair Aviation, marked by trust, commitment, and shared success. As we celebrate our 5-year collaboration, we proudly presented a special plaque to Candeğer Hanibu, the General Manager of Bonair. This plaque serves as a testament to the strength of our partnership and the contributions made invaluable by both teams. We express our sincere gratitude to Bonair for choosing us as their trusted partner and look forward to reaching new heights together in the years ahead.

Similarly, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Super Air for five years of safe and successful collaboration. Today, we had the privilege of presenting our commemorative plaque to Osman Deniz, the General Manager of Super Air, in recognition of our enduring partnership. This plaque symbolizes the dedication and trust that have characterized our relationship over the years. We thank Super Air for their continued confidence in our FTL software and eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to work together towards shared goals.

To both Bonair and Super Air, we extend our sincerest thanks for the privilege of partnering with you over the past five years. Your unwavering support and commitment have been instrumental in our mutual success, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration, innovation, and achievement.